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About us

KPODONOU was founded by Sandra Kpodonou five years ago with pure love for life, human being and art.

Today, we create a community of people making conscious choices and living in a harmony with ourselves and the environment. We take care of each other and what surrounds us on a daily basis, constantly seeking solutions for leading and developing the brand in a sustainable way.

At a time of deep climate crisis, having in mind continually increasing amounts of waste on the planet, our consumer choices have to change. Therefore, we constantly review, reduce and develop production processes of our accessories and apparel.


1. We produce mostly on demand what helps us to avoid an overproduction. We respond to the customers’ needs on a daily basis and only the most popular products are produced in longer series.

2. In general, we use leftovers of fabrics and components and actively look for suppliers offering stocks. Only cotton-blend knit fabrics happen to be produced individually for us as we require top-notch quality and aim to control the origin.

3. Our cotton-blend knit fabrics include a silk protein having antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

4. We produce only using 100% cotton-blend knit fabrics.

5. Our packaging is made of 100% recycled materials.

6. Our accessories are produced hand-made, with highest attention to detail and quality.

7. For production of straps in our bags we use overproduction of industrial belts.

8. All products are manufactured in Poland (EU).

9. KPODONOU is a member of Fur Free Retailers programme.

10. Our team works mostly remotely. This model helps us to reduce our environmental footprint and generate less waste.