Our Philosophy

My name is SANDRA KPODONOU. I founded this brand out of love for people, art and everything that can inspire others.

The brand was created 5 years ago, with a free mind to act. Today, together with my team, we are creating a community of people aware of their choices, living in harmony with each other and the environment. We take care of what surrounds us and create pro eco activities.

Our mission is to provide you with more than just clothes. We are characterized by the ideas smuggled in them and positive energy, which we combine with design in the final stage. Our clothes speak and inspire to act, and the slogans on them carry an important load - they add courage.  

We communicate by creating clothes and accessories. And these accessories are "our pearl” because we create them with our own hand-made technique.

I work with passion, instilling acceptance, courage, and love for myself. We are gaining many more followers of our messages. Our community is growing rapidly, proving that we speak the same language of freedom and comfort, remaining aware of what is good for us and the world around us.