KPODONOU are innovations, from the impossible we create reality. Most probably we are the only ones in the world to use bolts to join fabrics which our bags are made of, limiting the use of harmful adhesives. Less sewing and more possibilities. We are still developing and enriching our collections with the use of more than just leather accessories.


Phone bag:                           Card holder:

– height: 16 cm              – 11,5 cm

– width: 10,5 cm            – 7,5 cm

– depth: 1,5 cm

– belt length: 94 cm

– belt colour: grey

Purchasing this set, the belt will be in the colour as shown in the picture. For each model you can buy different belt colours and initiate them in your own way. 

There may be slight differences in dimensions or cuts due to the manual nature of the work.

External material: Organic textile material - vegetable fibres and cotton

Available colors: red/gray/white/yellow/black

Country of production: Poland

We test each model, catch defects, and eliminate them.

We braid each element by hand, with passion and positive energy. Hand-made is our contribution to your uniqueness. Slide the phone into a large part, in a small hid the card. Pull the strings and go wherever you want.