KPODONOU are innovations, from the impossible we create reality.

We are probably the only ones in the world to use bolts to join fabrics which our bags are made of, limiting the use of harmful adhesives. 

Less sewing and more possibilities. We are still developing and enriching our collections with the use of more than just leather accessories.

Product dimensions:
- height: 16 cm
- width: 21 cm
- depth: 4 cm

There may be slight differences in dimensions or cuts due to the manual nature of the work.

Belt length: longer 106 cm, shorter 46 cm

Bag colour: red

Belt color: orange

Outer fabric: organic textile material

Metal fittings: stainless steel

Internal lining: 100% cotton

Country of production: Poland

We test each model, catch defects, and eliminate them.

This is She, our cult gem. Both for those who like extravagance and appreciate the classics. The braiding known for years has helped us create and connect her in an unusual way with screws, adding power and energy. Metal elements are made of stainless steel. Shackles are possible to unscrew.

We combine all elements with passion and give them back to you.

The belt is made of car belts which gives it character and uniqueness.

Additionally, it consists of two lengths, which gives many wearing possibilities. Discover your favourite.

Purchasing this set, the belt will be in the colour as shown in the picture. For each model you can buy different belt colours and initiate them in your own way. 

Values: She is always with me. I don't want to part with her.